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Banana Fibre Extraction Machine

About Banana Fibre Extractor Machine

  • Global warming is a significant danger to humankind. To forestall and switch the impacts of global warming, the impacts of global warming should be supplanted by sustainable, non-recoverable, non-degradable, and inexhaustible, bio-degradable manufactured materials.
  • What are more, regular materials? The most ideal approach to have any kind of effect is to enhance or use banana stalks for rural waste. Roughly 5 laces tones of banana stalks are discharged as waste in the wake of collecting each year in India. Rather, we can extract fibre from tube trunks, which are broadly utilized in ventures, for example, materials, paper, and composite materials. On the off chance that banana fibre is an excellent option in contrast to engineered fibre.
  • Our machinery presents our most recent Power Responder banana fibre extraction machine which is the best of the machines as of now accessible in the market. It is made utilizing excellent materials like ISO confirmed steel outlines, stainless steel shafts, and wraps for long life and low support.
  • • A high level of fibre recuperation is an element of our banana fibre extractor machine. In 8 hours, our machine can process 15 to 19 kg of the dry fibre of the ideal length relying upon the assortment of banana plants utilized.

Technical Specification of Banana Fibre Extraction Machine

  • MACHINE SIZE:3.5 x 2.5 x 2 feet
  • MOTOR SIZE:1. hp (ISO Certified)
  • POWER:Single / Three phase.
  • MACHINE BASE :wheel with Autolock

Advantages of Banana Fibre Extraction Machine

  • Produces 15 kg of fiber in 8 hours.
  • Reduces low force utilization, which is 0.75units every hour
  • The length gives the best quality fibers as far as length non-abrasiveness
  • Power and shading
  • Mainly low support, simple to work, and safe
  • Clean workplace
  • reduces drudgery

Banana Fibre Extractor Use

Use for banana fibre extractor machine is utilized for the accompanying purposes:
  • Create monetary forms, bond papers, and claim to fame papers that can last as long as 100 years
  • As an awesome option in contrast to a wood mash in the paper business, it has a high substance of cellulose
  • Made of composite material as a swap for fiberglass
  • thus diminishing the natural effect of deforestation.
  • Furniture industry for making pads, pads, and upholstery
  • Large amounts of IC creates, sacks, handbags, cell phone covers, rooms, shades, and yoga tangles In the creation of material materials
  • Fiber research is progressing to discover different utilizations for this fiber

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