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Tissue Paper Making Machine

Tissue Paper Making Machine

If you looking Tissue Paper Making Machine for tissue paper, the details of all tissue paper making machine are below available.
We have different types of tissue paper making machines available for making tissue paper such as Tissue Paper Making Machine, Automatic Tissue Paper Making Machine, N-Fold Tissue Paper Making Machine, Industrial Tissue Paper Making Machine, Facial Tissue Paper Making Machine, Single Color Single Embossing Tissue Paper Making Machine, Double Embossing Tissue Paper Machine, Single Printing Tissue Paper Machine, Double Printing Tissue Paper Making Machine N-Fold Tissue Paper Making Machine

About Tissue Paper Making Machine

Tissue paper making machine that is open in various shapes and sizes
  • Tissue Paper Making Machine
  • Automatic Tissue Paper Making Machine
  • N-Fold Tissue Paper Making Machine
  • Industrial Tissue Paper Making Machine
  • Facial Tissue Paper Making Machine
  • Single Printing Single Embossing Tissue Paper Making Machine
  • Double Printing double Embossing Tissue Paper Making Machine
  • N-Fold Tissue Paper Making Machine
  • An emblazoning unit consisting of two kinds of paper type metals in a full or outskirt design
  • A printing unit that highlights the printing of a couple of hues.
  • The electronic count for total precision.
  • Coordinated band hundred to cut two paths in four stacks on circulation deck.
  • Band and motor paces fluctuate with the drive.
  • Simple activity and zero support.
  • Automatic Pneumatic Packaging Machine (Optional) Auto Automatic Paper Napkin Machine is utilized to crease kind sized. Fold into a square or rectangular paper napkin.
  • Machine frameworks incorporate printing, installing, tallying, and collapsing.
  • The speed of the programmed paper napkin envelope is constrained by a recurrence drive. (With cutting band.)
  • Tallying of votes might have fluctuated as required. It is a quick paper hand towel machine. The static is similarly equipped with an eliminator.
  • Napkin paper of 22 cm to 40 cm width in size according to the client's necessity.
  • A machine consisting of the primary motor (single-stage/three-stage) and a helper motor for the band.

Technical specification

We are also supplying pneumatic packaging machine as per customer demand.

  • Working Width :22 cm to 40 cm (as per requirement)
  • Printing Unit:As per requirement
  • Embossing Unit:As per requirement
  • Parent Roll Diameter:1200 mm
  • Folding size:1/4
  • Speed:400 sheets per min. (Speed varies according to different paper) (2 lacks per 8 hrs.)
  • Installed Power:AC 440V/220V, 50 Hz, 2.2 kw
  • Transmission :Timing Belts
  • Controlling System :2.2 kw Frequency Drive (MAKE - CROMPTON GREAVES / L & T)
  • Machine Weight :1700 kg (Approx)
  • Space Required :6.5 Feet X 15 Feet
  • Our paper napkin machine is made utilizing astonishing base materials remembering that it is strikingly competent and in this manner presents the dependable execution
  • Notwithstanding the ones referenced before, we offer paper napkin machines at the most limited expense in the business.
  • Automatic Tissue Paper Making Machine is a skilled, dependable, and simple to work the machine
  • Brisk Paper Coordinator is amazingly valuable for arrangements to convey gigantic sums.
  • Our automatic tissue paper making machine is produced utilizing top-notch base material which brings about it is surprising to the customer and along these lines giving it astounding execution.
  • Our Variable Size Paper Napkin Machine is produced using the quality piece as a base material which gives extreme structure. Paper napkins are touchy to the inclination and sensitivity on the skin.
  • We offer paper napkin machines at the most limited expense in the business. Our Variable Size Paper Napkin Machine is utilized as base materials from quality pieces

Tissue Paper Machine Process

  • In paper business, the word “tissue” includes all paper products used for sanitary and hygienic purposes both at home and/or in public places.
  • Tissue Paper making is a financially and feasible viable project as it has huge returns and few investments.
  • The setup of the tissue paper-making manufacturing unit can be small-scale or large-scale business.
  • An individual can start a tissue paper-making business with little investment and can develop the structure whenever he wants.
  • As the use of Tissue Paper is increasing rapidly, it’s a new revolution in the paper industry. More than 5 billion people are supplied with Tissue Paper worldwide by the pulp and paper industry.
  • Initially, pulp and paper making was a slow and labor-intensive process, but today the high-tech and high-speed Tissue paper machines and capital-intensive equipment drive these processes.
  • Tissue Paper is a lightweight crepe paper and made from reused paper pulp among other Paper. It is essentially characterized by its delicate quality and texture-like feel. The tissue paper producing measure just fluctuates somewhat from that of other papers.
  • It experiences a similar fundamental pulping, squeezing, and converting measures as standard Tissue Paper, with minute changes.

Tissue Paper Processing

  • The trees are pruned into chips, which are then sprinkled and pulled back (separated). Paper pulp is produced from wood fiber or recycled materials.
  • Stirring together these fine retted chips in a blender tank with a large amount of water and other synthetic substances produces.
  • The producer adds synthetic substances like sodium sulfide, limestone, and others while the wood pulp is as yet in the blending tank, to relax, reinforce or shading the paper.
  • The tissue is then moved onto a huge warmed roller called a Yankee. The warmth of the Yankee makes the texture dry in a split second.
  • The tissue paper is then moved onto a center to shape a large breadth roll.
  • The rolls are then placed on the tissue converting machine.
  • The tissue is taken and its utilizes are part and gone through an embellishing roller.
  • Embossing mellow the toilet paper and can be utilized to make ornamental examples.
  • The handles are taken out and held along with a stick. The tissue is then punctured by specialist sharp edges, empowering the sheets to be effortlessly pulled separated.
  • The tissue would then be able to be made into either level surfaces or twisted around a cardboard cylinder to make a round and hollow roll.
  • Many distinctive roll sizes and sheet tallies are created on the winding machines.
  • The large roll is taken care of into a doctoring framework and cut by a large pivoting specialist edge into singular rolls.
Tissue Paper Machine feature
  • The targets of tissue paper manufacturers include weight, thickness, brightness, clear volume, and style.
  • Changing these properties makes it valuable in different applications including cleanliness and bundling.
Employments of Tissue Paper
  • Tissue papers come in fluctuating thicknesses and surfaces yet are essentially utilized as clean (hostile to bacterial) tissues, facial tissue, toilet paper, paper towels, table linens, and, now and again, acoustic disrupters, and pressing tissue.