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Paper Bag Making Machine

About Paper Bag Making Machine

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  • As well , sheet feed paper bag making machine:
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  • Our paper bag making machine comprises of roll-took care of paper bag making machine, roller took care of completely automatic paper bag making machine, a machine with round rope handle, level automatic roll machine, sheet took care of paper bag making machine with level automatic Roll-took care of paper bag making machine included. With Sheet Round Rope Handle Circle Machine.
  • It is a high bore and exact roll feed paper bag making machine. Our clients utilize our paper bag making machine to make fundamental food things bags, food bags, bread bags, shopping bags, and so on.
  • Quality parts + impeccable machine structure make machines work quick and stable. Quality parts + Perfect machine structure make the machine work fast and stable.

Technical specification

A progressive machine that works in delivering brilliant paper sacks with elite velocities. Prepare the sack for negligible development costs. Goat completing furnished with an accuracy gear engine and paste engine. The unbending structure ensures the quality and life of the machine.

  • PAPER WEIGHT:30-80 G/㎡
  • BAG LENGTH:160-450 mm
  • BAG WIDTH:70-350 mm
  • PAPER ROLL WIDTH:260-900 mm
  • MACHINE SPEED :60-600 bags/mm
  • DRIVE MOTOR:3.7 kw AC Variable
  • GLUE MOTOR:70 w
  • MACHINE DIMENSION (APPROX):3657 x 1960 x 1524 mm