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Sanitary Pad Machine

About Sanitary Pad Machine

Admission to the period is a fundamental freedom and the fight to provide this basic need to every woman is that we are focusing on Steelfast Engineering Solutions.

  • The availability of clean napkins in our nation is a huge issue, especially since most of the great quality Sanitary Pad is imported or is more expensive than the top. In this field. I would say to work for a very long time, I have found that business creation machines that make top cushions are fast, expensive (100 million to 40 million), and need a hugely performing financial plan to sell around.
  • Our items include a sanitary napkin making machine, a fully programmed clean Sanitary Pad napkin machine, a Sanitary Pad making machine, and a quick full programmed sterile cushion making machine.
  • Sanitary napkin and Sanitary Pad manufacturing is a profitable business that can be started with little investment; this is a great business opportunity for those who want to start a small scale manufacturing business.
  • Sanitary napkins and Sanitary Pad is an essential item for a woman's hygiene; every woman needs a sanitary pad at some point in her life. Sanitary napkins or sanitary pads are an absorbent personal care product worn by a woman.
  • The demand for cheap sanitary napkins is increasing among rural women due to the low cost of sanitary napkins and Sanitary Pad increasing sanitation awareness.
  • Sanitary napkins, sanitary towels, sanitary pads, menstrual pads, or pads are absorbent menstrual wear in women and girls, bleeding after giving Recognize birth, gynecological surgery, experience miscarriage or miscarriage or in any other situation where blood flow from the vagina is necessary.
  • Sanitary Pad or Sanitary Napkin is a type of feminine hygiene product worn on the outside Tampons and menstrual cups are worn inside the vagina. A woman, again and again, there is a need to change her pad depending on whether her menstrual flow is heavy or not.
  • Sanitary pads are made of different materials, the style of which varies from country to country.
  • These pads are generally not confused with high absorbent incontinence pads; it is worn by people who have urinary incontinence or stress problems Incontinence.
  • Although menstrual pads are not designed for this use, some people do our huge industry experience and information empowers us to give quality-guaranteed assortments of white sanitary napkins for moderate incontinence.
  • These items are made utilizing quality crude materials got from approved merchants of the market. Because of the skin-invitingness and high solace name, these napkins or Sanitary pad are exceptionally valued by our clients. The range we present is exceptional.

Specialty for Sanitary Pad Machine

  • MACHINE DIMENSIONS:(L x B x H) 9.84ft x 2.4ft x 7.3ft.
  • PAD PRODUCTION RATE:70 pads/min with Continuous rotary sealing
  • PAD TYPE:Ultra thin with wings and with Pad counter.
  • AIR PRESSURE: 8-10 kg/cm2 and Motor-driven roll mounts for better web control
  • EFFICIENCY: 80% Power Consumption 13 kW/hour
  • OPERATOR:Operator friendly Weighting 400 kgs and Deep embossing